What Rêves May Come

In Media Rêves is a dream given form (to quote B5), it’s my love letter to art, it’s my place of sacred truths, and it’s where I will explore that which lies within myself, both dark and light.

History for me, I discovered a few years back, does not divide easily into years. I find that the moments in my life are marked by moments in media, by the music that I discovered, the films that I watched, the television I consumed, and the books that I read.

For instance, I couldn’t tell you what day I did what in 1982, but I can tell you where I was when I heard about the death of John Bonham, I was in the car with my parents and my sister, we were on the onramp to the Queensway and heading home. I was nine years old, I vaguely knew of Led Zeppelin from listening to the radio, but I knew this was a profound moment for it not only marked the death of a Rock Icon, but it was also the death knell of Led Zeppelin. Earlier that year, I saw Grease at the drive-n with my mom and instantly developed my first celebrity crush on Olivia Newton-John. This began my interest in musicals.

These are the formative moments within my life and these are some of the things I will share with you.


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