In the Darkness the Nightnare Cometh

Sleeping in the darkness, children know when the Nightmare realm reaches out for them. They gird themselves in the armour of the bed, blanket covering all the way up to the neck, no limb exposed. For when the fright comes, they cover their heads. They array around themselves, the knights in their command, those stuffed animals that line their beds, in the night when the Nightmares come; they fight off the night terrors. No evil may pass, for the shield of innocence and belief is more potent than the nightmare realm can ever know.

Sometimes in the night I still wrap myself in the armour of my childhood, when the nightmares encroach on my mind, reaching out for me, my comforter surrounds me, my eyes tightly shut and I can see my old companions protecting me in my minds-eye. And the distant echoes of innocence and belief from my past hold the fearsome phantasms at bay, until dawn breaks through, chasing the darkness away.


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