“So I lead them on a Merry Chase” (or Laughs from ACNs past)

A game I fondly remember from Ambercon North in 2003. I needed to laugh, this makes me laugh. (With thanks to Kris F, for keeping these quotes on her site.)

“Tall Tales of Pattern and Shadow” by Jack Gulick

It was Bleys that started it, although later Corwin and Eric argued for credit themselves. A stormy night in Castle Amber, Oberon in a dark mood and his children under orders to await his pleasure, stuck in dull eventlessness.

What better, now, to do than to trade lies?

A “Baron Munchausen”-inspired game of Elder Braggadocio in a pre-Patternfall era.

Cast of Characters

Matt Andrews: Brand
Jennifer Jackson: Deirdre
Sean McCabe: Corwin
Tymen VanDyk: Caine
Liz Wilson: Moire
Mark Wizynajtys: Julian

“So I lead them on a merry chase…” — Caine to the group, at various points throughout the evening

“So the Shadow took out half the ghost ships, but lost their fleet. And I removed one of Amber’s problems.” — Caine
“Very timely, considering that Father had just signed a treaty with them.” — Deirdre

“The very sad story of my pet frog…Hoppy, all started when I met Queen Moire. I was down in Rebma fishing. It’s easier because you can see the fish.” — Corwin to the group

“When Oberon called me back, I was interviewing dogs…” — Julian to the group

“In gratitude for his splinters, I gave him one of my guard frogs.” — Moire to ?

“As I rode closer, my horse turned into a flying sheep. As horses are wont to do.” — Brand
“Are you sure you weren’t dreaming?” — Caine
“No…no…my dreams are much stranger than that.” — Brand

“In yet another bid to save the Universe, which is what I do. Frequently.” — Brand to the group

“And saved the universe…” — Brand, repeatedly
“…as is his wont.” — various others, repeatedly

“Many years ago, last week…” — several people, at various points as the time line became more twisty

“Centuries ago, earlier today…” — Corwin to the group

“Buried the first mate’s dog…” — Caine
“Taking up valuable space in our pet cemetery.” — Julian
“It’s a very large pet cemetery.” — Caine
“To your left is the Hall of Hamsters.” — Brand

“Undead weasels who come down your chimney and give you gifts.” — Sean McCabe, after it was discovered that the sorcerer in red which Brand turned into a weasel which was subsequently killed and then resurrected as an undead guard weasel was originally Santa Claus
“Small children at the mall sitting on a dead weasel’s lap.” — GM

“Having no sailors with me, I…” — Caine
“…ran away?” — Deirdre
“No, no — I never run away. I just move to a better place.” — Caine
“Lead them on a merry chase.” — Julian

“We went to ask the pygmies. But they were busy having a party and eating s’mores being roasted by a dragon. With excellent chocolate. And great graham crackers. The marshmallows were only so-so.” — Corwin
“Deirdre has not yet quested for the one true marshmallow.” — GM

“They really underestimated the might of the Rebman frog army.” — Corwin to the group

“Why do you suppose the red-headed stranger always wears a blue dress?” — Deirdre
“I’m not entirely sure.” — Caine
“Because the flying sheep can hear a zipper a mile away.” — Deirdre
“Oh, perhaps I was mistaken in believing it not to be Brand.” — Caine

“I’m uncertain as to where the one true marshmallow is, but I’m beginning to think Brand is keeping it from you.” — Caine
“Someday I will knock you to the bottom of the Abyss for this.” — Deirdre to Brand

“As I was running away, I realized it was, in fact, a pig, and it said ‘Sorry I stole your marshmallow.'” — Corwin to the group

“Corwin’s crew? Missing body parts.” — Sean McCabe
“Caine’s crew? Perfect every time.” — Tymen VanDyk
“Because Caine’s crew is brand new every time.” — Jennifer Jackson

“How did you distract the Jabberwock?” — Corwin
“With a zipping sound.” — GM
“Which of course set off a stampede of flying sheep.” — Brand


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