Hello, this is Your Life Calling, Time to get back to Living it

So, I’ve been somewhat subdued for the last day or so, a lot has been happening.

Several friends have donated generously to my fund, they would remain anonymous and I will heed that. I thank them all.

I will however, call out Sara Batchelder for her generous donation (as she gave me permission to do so.)

I have three more poems to write and one promise to swim to twice a week to follow through on. The poems are coming and the swimming is a work in progress.

Here come the changes in my life.

I had a long conversation with my sister on Wednesday night and she helped me figure some stuff out. On the Thursday, I made two important phone calls, one to a new apartment complex with a much cheaper rent and one to my doctor.

I have two appointments on the two consecutive Mondays, one is to see and hopefully apply for the new apartent, two is to discuss my depression and how best to combat it with my Doctor.

These are big steps for me to take, but I’m looking forward to taking them.
Wish me luck, pray for me, pass me the mojo, because I’m moving forward.

PS. My fund has hit $990, and is only a few hundred from my goal. Thanks again my friends for helping me believe that I am worthy of help.

Starving Writer Survival Fund


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