I dreamt with my eyes wide open

Three More Poems written for contributors to my Starving Writer Survival Fund.

The Whiteness, it mocks me,
It stares into my eyes,
Far worse than any dark abyss.

My Muse, she abandons me,
She flies from my side,
Without so much as a goodbye kiss.

The Vision, it leaves me,
It sleeps as it hides,
Forsaking me to my sadness.

My Brain, he turns on me,
He fills my mind with lies,
Stranding me in the darkness.

My Spirit, it warms me,
It springs within me wise,
Bringing forth the prowess.

My Fingers, they tell me,
It’s the writing that will rise,
From my simmering restlessness.

I jump.
The Ocean crashes over me.
Swimming within, pushing myself.
The undercurrent grips me, pulling me under.
Gloom overtakes me, I almost let go.

I breath.
The Ocean releases me.
Swimming within, floating myself.
The current pushes me, pushing me over.
Light overwhelms me, I don’t let go.

I swim.
The Shore beckons me.
Swimming within, helping myself.
The shallows caress me, holding me to her.
Sleep encircles me, I let go.

When the Dawn comes,
Will you run with the Sun.

When the Day breaks,
Will you ride in its wake.

When the Sky blues,
Will you pass on through.

When the Dusk falls,
Will you watch it all.

When the Night creeps,
Will you go to sleep.

When the Stars alight,
Will you dream all night.


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