When the Fall comes

When the Fall comes,
It comes on you fast,
You never see the coming.

Ready or not,
You unfurl your wings,
Plummet or Fly, you choose.

So, you fly,
A simple choice to make,
But how do you fly?

Do you simply glide over the ground,
Do you flap and hold on for dear life,
Do you soar, reaching for the sun.

Choices all,
Good or ill,
Steady or risky.
All are valid.

The songs say risk it all,
Life isn’t a song,
And Icarus fell after risking the sun.

Striving is all,
Life is risk,
Soar and be free.

For know I will soar with you,
I will not leave your side,
Should you falter and fall,
I will catch you,
We’ll fall together,
Until the wind catches us.

Come and soar with me.


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