When Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through (Part One) – Music and Me

Ever since I was a child, music has always played a role in my life. At first, it was through the radio and the albums my parents would play. These both brought me a diverse selection of styles, from Folk to Rock, from Country to Disco. Styles would change as radio stations and albums did. Groups like The Carpenters, The Beatles, The Bee Gees, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Leo Sayer, John Denver, ABBA, the list goes on and on. My musical education was vast but shallow. Why, because I had no control over what was entering my brain through my ears.

Then, Thriller came on the radio, I was eleven or twelve at the time, and they played the full cut of the song, a rarity for the radio at that time. I knew of Michael Jackson from the radio. I’d heard Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough and Rock with You, of course, they were pop radio mainstays, but when Vincent Price made his speech at the end of the song, I was hooked. (I was a huge fan of Vincent Price from the Hilarious House of Frightenstein, but that is another story.) So, I asked my parents could they take me to the record store, so I could buy the album, my first album, and my first steps into choosing what I wanted to enter my ears.

Thus began my journey into a new world of music. These were the first steps I took into creating a musical identity for myself, of finding out what music I loved or could live without. And although later on in my teens I would identify as a Rocker. I would always have fond memories of the first album I ever bought.

To be continued in Part II – Caught in a Dream.

Formative Albums

John Denver’s Greatest Hits

Memory Song –
Leaving on a Jet Plane
I used to ask my dad to play and sing this song over and over again.
It almost always made me cry.

Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack

Memory Song
A Fifth of Beethoven
My first introduction to classical music came through Disco.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller

Memory Song
Vincent Price’s monologue still gets me every time.


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