To Hell with the Devil

Lemmy, Bowie and Rickman walk up to the Gates of Heaven.
St. Peter looks up from his book and motions for the Gates to be opened, but does a double take as Lemmy turns around.

St. Peter: Where are you going? There’s a place for you here.

Lemmy turns and looks at St. Peter.

Lemmy: I’m going to go give the Devil, a run for his money.

Rickman smirk/smiles and follows Lemmy.

Rickman: Let’s give the Devil his due.

Bowie with a twinkle in his eye, follows after.

Bowie: Let’s go play Hell with the Devil.

St. Peter looks on dumbfounded by there attitudes.

God watches from overhead.

God: Go give him Hell, boys, go give him Hell.


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