And the Ashes Fell

The wilds surround, forbidden.
Watching and listening,
The Forest hums.
Birds chirp, vines creek, animals wander,
Eating and hunting.
The strangely peaceful violence of living.

The Fire Fox’s head cocks,
The Forest stills, silence descends.
The Calm before the Thunder,
The Ashes Fall.

The Wilds blur by,
Sweating and breathing,
And still the Ashes Fall.

The Smoke rises,
Fire crackles and spits.
Rock melts and sizzles.
And so the Ashes Fall.

The Stone trees fall.
Pinned and pained.
On me the Ashes Fall.

The Thunder roared,
The forest falls around,
I stare upwards.
Still the Ashes Fall.

The Earth cracks,
The Fire spreads,
The Ashari scream.
The Ashes Fall.

The Flash of Red,
The Dragon roars,
The Fire burns.
Still the Ashes Fall.

The Tears sting,
My tribe it falls.
The Dragon rises.
And the Ashes Fell.


(A poem inspired by Keyleth learning of what happened to the Fire Ashari.
From the perspective of a Fire Ashari youth. Critical Role on Geek and Sundry.)


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