The Widow of Willow’s Vale

A poem written as part of the back story of my character Weylin Blood, Half-Orc Paladin of the Oath of the Ancients. In my friend Erik’s Songs of the Ffolk 5th Ed D&D game.

The Widow of Willow’s Vale

Upon the bank a Widow sits, she gazes at the dawn,
Her thoughts upon her husband lost and the farm they worked upon.
Her daughter’s watch and fret, while her thoughts have gone astray,
Worried that their mother’s thoughts will be ever far away.
While she sits, thoughts adrift, the wind ripples on the pond,
Her mind it wanders, her thoughts they ponder her ever roving son,
Sent away from fear and hate, she thought it best that day,
Regrets they come, as time moves on, she hopes he found his way,
One day they’ll meet, with love she’ll greet, the son she sent away.
~ Anonymous

(It is rumoured a Vistani Bard wrote this song upon hearing the tale of the Widow of Willow Vale (Siobhan) and how many years ago she saved the village of Willow Vale by offering herself as ransom to then young Chieftain, Crimson Wolf, and in return, he spared her farm and village. The tragedy of the story is that she had only a month before lost her husband to an accident on the farm. So, it is unknown if what she did was out of courage or despair, but her bargain worked, her Uncle Donovan (retired veteran of the Silver Crusades) watched the farm and her twin five year old daughters, Rose and Scarlett, while she was gone. The village believed she was dead, but he knew his niece’s mettle and kept her farm for her return, and after a fortnight she did, pregnant, but head held high. Upon giving birth, she cared for the child, for two years, keeping him from the town and the prejudice she knew would find him there, but she knew if she wanted him to be free of spite and bitterness, she must bring him to those who would not judge him, so leaving her farm in the capable hands of her uncle again, she traveled to the Vale of Tears, where she knew her sister, Aoife, a druid of some renown lived, she left her son with her, and so Weylin was brought up among the Druids.)


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