Weylin Blood’s Playlist – Songs of Blood and Laughter

A playlist for my character in Erik’s D&D5th campaign Songs of the Ffolk.

Weylin Blood
Weylin Blood is a huge, young, brash Half-Orc Paladin of the Ancients who was raised by Druids. He is as quick to laughter, as he is to anger. Fiercely loyal and protective of his friends, he is first through the door and will always have your back, right or wrong.

Aerosmith – Dream On
An older Weylin, perhaps wiser, nearing the end of his years, reflects upon his life.

Eva Cassidy – Over the Rainbow
Cherished memories of soothing lullabies and warmth in his mother’s arms, he knew love.

AC/CD – If You Want Blood (You’ve Got It)
The Crimson Wolf: Orc Chieftain, Raider. What son would not want to know his father.

Nina Simone – Feeling Good
Brought up among the Druids, Weylin grew up with a love of life
and nature, and learned to live every day to its fullest.

Triumph – Fight the Good Fight
Paladin-hood is in his blood, answering the call was easy,
but living up to his grandfather’s legacy is hard.

Nickelback – Saturday Night’s alright for Fighting
Half-Orcs live lives of extreme passion. Weylin lives life to the fullest, partying as hard as he fights.

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Simple Man
Weylin’s prize possessions are letters from his mother.

Dire Straits – Brothers in Arms
The joining of the Four Coins Fellowship; Gurney, the Dwarven Wizard;
Liam, the Human Rogue; and Mynach, the Halfling Cleric, and Weylin.

Zamfir – The Lonely Shepherd
Weylin plays the Pan Flute.

Meat Loaf – Out of the Frying Pan (And Into the Fire)
Weylin and Balor (his Orc Mate), this is their love song.

Three Dog Night – Joy to the World
Bringing Joy, Love, Hope and Faith to those around him, that is who Weylin is.

The Rolling Stones – Wild Horses
Being away from Balor and their child to come is hard.

Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah
Liam of Llanfar, orphaned child of the church, adventurer, rogue, bound to the Seldarine, Hanali Celanil, She of Terrible Beauty.

Joe Cocker – Have A Little Faith in Me
Mynach, Cleric of Danu, orphaned child of the church. Our rock and succor in times of need.

Jason Charles Miller – Go Rest High on that Mountain
Our travels haven’t been without loss, our fallen companion, Gurney, Dwarven Wizard.
Fell in the depths of the Lady of Deaths realm, but will never be forgotten.

Eva Cassidy – Wayfaring Stranger
Our newest member of the fellowship, Beleg Cúthalion, Vistani, and like Weylin brought up by Druids, his destiny is shrouded in mystery and to be discovered along the way.

Ozzy Osbourne – Mama, I’m Coming Home
One day, I shall return home and see my mother again.

Led Zeppelin – No Quarter
We are the Fellowship of the Four Coins and we ride forth with purpose, and our destiny awaits.

Playlist inspired by the playlists of the Critical Role characters at Geek and Sundry.


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