The Ballad of the Broken One I

Something for a Gunslinger some will know.

The Lonely One
(The Ballad of the Broken One I)

Standing on the Tower of White,
People pass below.
Calm before the storm.

Sitting in the cell at night,
Kindred die above,
Trapped in the thorns.

Saviour bloodied at his side,
Evil gives chase.
Freedom, from Blood torn.

Lost and Forsaken,
Wandering, Aimless,

Out of the Dark of Night, Vision.
Out of the Darkest Dreams, Veritas.
Out of the Darkness, Vengeance.

With the Crack of Dawn, Inspiritation.
Within the Dawn’s Light, Insight.
With the Dawning of Genius, Invention.

And with that Creation, there shall come an Accounting.



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