Games without Frontiers

“It’s so easy
When you know the rules
It’s so easy,
All you have to do
Is fall in love
Play the game,
Everybody play the game of love (yeah)”

Queen “Play the Game”

Let’s talk about gaming, specifically Role-Playing Gaming. I’m currently playing in a D&D 5E game called Songs of the Ffolk, run by my friend Erik, a most excellent DM. I play a 10th Level Half-Orc Paladin of the Ancients named Weylin Blood (who has an Orc mate, Belar, Paladin of the Blood, and twins, a boy, Ferghus, and a girl, Grimmar) and am having an incredible amount of fun in the game, but this blog isn’t about that.

This is about the Games I wish I could also be playing. There are five games at the top of my list. One is at the I’m reaching the borderline-desperation wanting to play, point. That one, I’ll talk about last.

And so these games are…

The Dresden Files Game
I’ve played Dresden before, and very much enjoyed it. The Aspect system drives the game forward, I love that these aspects can be spun positively or negatively, and that the game emulates the feel of The Dresden Files books.

So, I definitely want to play it again. I’d love to re-visit my Troubled Warrior of God, veteran sniper Daniel Whelan Bearcloud.

Dogs in the Vineyard
Vincent Baker’s Mormon Paladins in the Old West game. You are the religious authority and you have the final word on what goes in the towns you visit. You travel town to town, search out sin, root out heresy, confront Sorcery and destroy the Demon taint.

To see a great example of how to play Dogs watch the Rollplay VOD on Youtube.

A Margaret Weis Cortex plus Superhero Game, a coming of age story with superpowers, where your Values and Relationships are more important than your Superpowers. The game doesn’t just have to be played with Superheroes, and the game works extremely wel for relationship and teen drama style games.
The Value and Relationship driven mechanics excite me and make me want to try it out.

Apocalypse World
A grab you by your throat post-apocalyptic ro;e-playing game of wants and needs and lack. The game whose system has been the engine of many a subsequent game to come.
To play the original powered by the Apocalypse game is definetly near the top of my list.

Blades in the Dark
John Harper’s game of crews of cutthroats trying to claw their way up the criminal ladder of Doskvol, an indudtrial fantasy city. You play part of a crew trying to climb that very ladder. This game fascinates and intrigues me, and I want to play it so badly.

To temporarilly sate this urgent need, I’ve been watching several different VoD’s on Youtube.

John Harper‘s Bloodletters
Eric VulgarisIt’s Never Sunny in Doskvol
FriendlyfireTV‘s The Gambit
RPGlory‘s Cult of Dionaya
Rollplay‘s The Scholars

Watch them, they are all excellent games run by great Blades Masters.
These are the games which have grabbed my attention recently.
What games are you interested in? Tell me in the comments.

PS. I really want to play Blades in the Dark damn it.

PPS. I’m also doing a Collection of my Poetry,
Please check out my GoFundMe.
In Media Rêves: A Poetry Collection


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