With One Wing Dipped in Blood

So, working on my Angels Blades in the Dark Hack.

Some Changes I’m considering.

Changing dice from d6s to d8s. (6s and 7s have Spiritual  significance)

Terminology and Name Changes (with the originals)

With One Wing Dipped in Blood

Stat Names – Trying to make the stats more Angelic/Biblical

Soul (Insight)
Hunt –       Seek (Hunt – If anyone has any ideas for Hunt, bring them on.)
Study-       Judge
Survey –    Behold
Tinker –     Create

Changes – Hunt becomes Seek

Flesh (Prowess)
Finesse –   Grace
Prowl-        Shadow
Skirmish – Battle
Wreck-       Sunder – (Destroy (Apocalypse))

Changes – Wreck becomes Sunder (instead of Destroy)

Will (Resolve)
Attune-       Intone
Command- Order
Consort-      Minister
Sway-           Inspire

Angel Playbooks
The Sword
The Shield
The Voice
The Fire
The Silence
The Vigil
The Breath

Choir Playbooks (Crews)
Reapers (Breakers)
Hosts (Cult)
Heralds (Hawkers)
Whispers (Assassins)
Refuge (Smugglers)
Seekers (Shadows)

Purity/Corruption = Stress
Purity is always used for others.
Corruption is always used for yourself.

When rolling for yourself, roll against Corruption.
When rolling for others, roll against Purity.

Both power Angelic/Infernal Powers.

Virtues/Sins = Traumas
It is possible to both be too pure for the world,
as well as too corrupt.

Harmony/Heresy = Heat
Drawing the Interest of the Higher (or Lower) Powers leads to badness.

Faith = Coin / Glory = Rep
Still working on how to represent Stash.

Rolls Controlled = Mundane/Mortal / Risky = Heroic / Desperate = Miraculous
In the game When you perform Mundane or Heroic actions, success isn’t really an issue, because you’re an Angel. Unintended Consequences are the issue, however, and they come into play. When performing Miracles, then failure can come into play.

This is all the ideas I have so far. It’s coming along.

My thanks to John Harper for  creating Blades in the Dark.


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