I am He

This was going to be a very different post.

I was going to be charming and explain who I was in an extravagant fashion.

I’m not going to do that, instead here’s a breakdown of what I know about what makes me who I am.

My name is Tymen Jan VanDyk. My mother, Sharon (Dunleavy) VanDyk named me after a person in the Bible, Timon (meaning One who honours God), she spelt it Tymen, because she didn’t want me to be nicknamed Tim, as we already had a Tim in the family. My middle name is Jan, which is traditional Dutch middle name, so far as I know. VanDyk is Dutch.

I’m Dutch/Irish (Dutch on my Father (Harry (Harm) VanDyk)’s side (he moved here when he was 16 years old) and Irish on my Mothers (My grandfather came to Canada when he was two).

I’m a Straight White Male with Brown Hair and Blue Eyes, and so I won the privilege lottery, but that’s not the whole story. I’m also Obese, have mobility issues and suffer from bouts of Severe Depression.

The above are my burden to shoulder, but I have help from family and friends. I’m lucky for my depressive symptoms do not contain suicidal ideation and I thank God for that.
(If you do have those feelings please talk to someone. (In the US go to suicidepreventionlifeline.org; in Canada go to  http://www.suicide.org/hotlines/international/canada-suicide-hotlines.html) I’m sharing this, because I need to show where I’m coming from.

The World took a dark turn last week with the election of Donald Trump to the US Presidency.He was elected on a platform of divisiveness, fear and hate. He’s surrounded himself with those who espouse such beliefs. I have friends who live in the US, who will be strongly effected by the current happenings in the US. Fear and Anger rule now, the rhetoric of hatred flows openly, emboldened by the President-Elects campaign.

This was going to be about allowing you to learn about who I am and why I’m putting out a collection of Poetry, but it became about more than that, some of that is still in this, but it’s become about showing why I stand with my friends down south, against the hatred, against the fear, against the division of a people by those who prey on their weaknesses.

Love  Eclipses Hate

Words spin,
Doubt grows,
Fear builds.

Words kindle,
Anger Sparks,
Hatred Burns.

Words lift,
Hope lives,
Love soars.

I say this to you all who will listen.
Against fear, doubt and hatred,
I stand with you.
Against bigotry, racism and ignorance,
I stand with you.
Against all these things I stand.

I Dream for a better World,
I Hope for a better Tomorrow,I Fight for a better Today.

I send out Love to the World and I Hope it echoes back.

(I almost used Trumps instead of Eclipses for the irony, but I didn’t want to give that fucker any more free press.)

Know this, my friends, I am your ally, I stand by you and I love you all.

Here I hope this my small contribution to the Universal Muse can give a little bit of Love and Hope to everyone.
In Media Rêves: A Poetry Collection


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