Nocturne and Dirge

My creativity for the day, so far.

Blades in the Dark character for online google forum game.

Stilleman Cross aka Nocturne
Born of a Noble Tycherosi family, renowned Rogue Demon Hunters, the fourth son and not expected to inherit much of anything, Stilleman focused on hunting the strange creatures that prowled the edges of his parent’s estate. Certain elements of the Tycherosi Nobility were maneuvering for position against his family and rumours of his families dealings with the Old Ones (Demons, sworn enemies of the Tycherosi. Tensions at home were high, so when he came of age at 16, he joined a Tycherosi Mercenary Unit (The Shadows), as a Sniper Scout. The Shadows, hired by the ImperialMilitary during the Skovland Unity war. Met Wrench, when his unit covered them during several sabotage missions. Left the Unit, when the war ended. His family in dire straits, two of his brothers dead (one in a duel, one murdered), his eldest sister trying to keep the Family estates and name intact. His eldest (the murdered one) bother’s wife, Lizete was sent to live in the Imperial city at powerful family friends but was waylaid in Doskvol, poisoned, she is in a Coma currently and is being watched over by friends of theirs in Whitestone. Her daughter, Lenia is now being cared for in Boarding School/Orphanage for the well-off, but money is getting tight and the kindness of friends only pays so many bills. Nocturne needs money, and then his brother in arms, Wrench, brought him a proposition.

The alias Nocturne comes from the fact that he volunteered for nightwatch most of the time, and after the discovery of his virtuoso violin playing.

Nocturne’s great love is music, he plays the violin.

He has a Greater Sooty Hunting Owl named Dirge.

Look : Void Sea Black Eyes with the Starfields reflected within.
– Concealed, Scarred, Cold
– Hooded Heavy Cloak, Black Silk Scarf, Leathers, Soft Boots, Gloves

Heritage :
Tycheros: Noble/Hunter

Background :
Military: Mercenary Scout/Sniper

Vice :
Obligation – Watching over/funding Lenia’s stay at the Lost Souls Boarding School/Orphanage. It’s run by Mother Narya (of the Weeping Lady).

Special Ability :
Sharpshooter: You can perform precision shooting from extreme long range. You can quickly draw and reload your weapons. Your ranged attacks gain potency.

Deadly Friends :
+Veleris – A Spy (Lady, Paramour)
-Steiner – An Assassin (May have poisoned my sister in law or knows who did)

Actions & Attributes
Insight 2/Prowess 3/Resolve 1
Hunt 2
Survey 1
Finesse 1
Prowl 1
Skirmish 1
Command 1

Play John Harper‘s Blades in the Dark.

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