When Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through (Part Two) – Caught in a Dream

“I’m caught in a dream so what
I don’t know what I’m going through
I’m right in between so I’ll just play along with you”

Alice Cooper, Caught in a Dream

So, although I have an eclectic taste in music, in my heart of hearts, I am a Classic Rock lover. The music of the Sixties, Seventies and  Eighties are my first love, but my love of Rock Music started when I was thirteen years old.

So, I used to hang-out with my friends Dave and Adrian back in my old neighourhood of Alta Vista (That’s in the city of Ottawa, which is the capital of Canada, just so you know.) We’d hangout listen to tunes, watch movies, the usual stuff that young teenagers do. So, my friend Adrian used to babysit for a couple who lived down the street from him and I used to hang out with him there, every once in a while.

This is important, because they’re record collection awakened my love of Classic Rock. It contained all different styles, but the Music that grabbed our attention, was by a rock band called Alice Cooper, a shock rocker who wrote rock music with a twist. We taped three albums onto cassette (yes, back in the eighties we would record albums onto cassette tapes still).

The albums we taped were Killer, Flush the Fashion and Zipper Catches Skin. All three still hit my playlist every once in awhile. Killer being the one that I revisit most. These were my Classic Rock gateway drug. Alice Cooper lead me into Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Eagles, and many more.

The Three Albums


Memory Song
Under my Wheels
Love the driving rock riff that moves the song along
and then the Horns kick in. This is Rock and Roll, my friends.

Flush the Fashion

Memory Song
Love the opening piano riff, and the waltz-like quality of the song.
The perspective of the song, from Pains point of view,
reminds me that everyone suffers their own inner pain.

Zipper Catches Skin

Memory Song
I am the Future
Love the message of rising up against adversity,
and I find it strangely apropos for the current times.
Remember and never forget, the Future is ours.

PS. I’m doing a Poetry collection called In Media Rêves, please contribute at my Go Fund Me (https://www.gofundme.com/inmediareves) and help make my Dreams come true.


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