Charged with “Assault and Poetry”

Poetry tearing off a page at supersonic speeds,
Ripping into your flesh like 9 mm shells;
Rending at your insides like a wild animal’s claws,
Ravishing your mind, Raping your soul,
Sending jolts of power directly into your brain;

Opening your consciousness to insights newly realized.
A sudden action of violence,
The serenity of destruction,
The shellshock of creativity,
In a fit of passionate, murderous rage.

Drowning in ones own flooding mound of creativity;
Unbeknownst to others, the ravagers of the unrational,
The lack of controllers controlling or marauders marauding.
A chaos merged into a creative mesh,
Oozing forth life, body, and soul.

Touching and encompassing an ethereal transcendence
of the subnurtured violent and creative instincts
which are transformed outright/ Without bitter
contexts to overcome/ Uncommon malice can not
control what flows with the ease of blood,
or as thickly.

Pumping into your veins like liquid fire or fear,
Slicing into your eyes like Divine Fire,
Leaving you exhausted and wasted, yet,
Pulsing with power. Tired, yet wired.
Drained, you close the trap,
That is so sweet you know,
You’ll be back for more.


An older poem, this will be in “In Media Rêves”, my poetry collection.
Check out my GoFundMe, contribute if you can, or share it if you can’t.

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you would be giving me a boost up and have my gratitude.


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