Poems in the Key of Love

Will you lie still
as I trace words on your skin,
caressing, coaxing
the poem in your soul
into being, so the world
sees why I love you.

Her eyes held fire,
burning in deep pools of blue.
If you’re not careful,
in them you’ll fall,
forever burning,
forever yearning.

I hear the echo
of your laughter
in silences past.

I feel the streaks
of my tears
in those echoes.

We feel love
in the echo
of our hearts.


Your words caress my ears,
feather touches upon

They seduce my senses,
your voice heals
my heart.

Your touch of love
fills my soul.

Lips trace down your neck.
Hot breath on salt skin,
Sweet as sin,
I can taste the pulse of your Heart,
the crimson vines beneath your skin.


When your puzzle heart,
finds its forever missing pieces
in the other’s heart,
love intertwines
the two hearts.

If my Darkness
calls to your Darkness
across Space and Time.

If they remain
Chained together
throughout Eternity.

Dark Matter Love.

Never is a Dangerous word that’s
gonna get you pain and
give your heart pause.
You should hold your love
up to the gaze of the sun.


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