Check Mate

Pawns in the rough,
step into no man’s land.
Striking down and struck down
by their counterparts,
in an extended war.

Knights on the road,
ride onto the field,
swords storming
into the battle,
with war engaged.

Rooks on the battlements,
staring down at the field of battle,
castle stone under claw,
a parliament watching
over their war game.

Bishops pray over the fallen,
upon the bloodied ground,
faith in their God’s
overcoming of their
enemies in this ordained war

The Queen stained red,
observing the crimson field,
she holds the will of her men,
and they battle for the honour
of bringing her glory in war.

The King atop his blooded throne,
watching the battle below unfold,
his will is strong, his body tough.
his hand will guide them
on to bloody victory.


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