Would the Real King of Poets, Please Stand Up

For Poetic Justin

I’m just another Poet King,
but it’s his court I’m serving in,
he claims to be the jester,
but he’s the real thing,
he gave me this crown I wear,
and won’t take it back,
but I’m at most a Prince,
he’s the real King of the Pack,
slinging rhymes, giving back,
spreading the words of Poets
out into the world,
like the Patrons of old,
he’s clever and bold,
I may be Achilles,
but he’s Odysseus,
I fly too close to the sun
while he embodies Icarus,
his words take flight,
while mine float in sight,
I’m burning butterflies,
he’s pollinating like bees,
If I’m Joe Frazier,
he’s Muhammad Ali,
he’s lifting us all on his shoulders,
Atlas pushing us all to be bolder,
I may be the Poet’s Poet,
but unlike me,
he’s the one,
we all aspire to be.


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Always remember Poetry isn’t a Choice.

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