Poetry in Motion: Twitter, Patreon and GoFundMe, Oh My

Poetry is my lifeblood, it’s my raison d’être, my passion, my calling; if I don’t write for a day or two, I miss it, it calls to me, poetry and phrases collect in my head. A traffic jam of words collect and try to force themselves onto the page. Some I share on Twitter, some I share here, and some I share on Patreon.

My Twitter: Tymenv

Recent poem from Twitter

rolling in,
comes the sea,
comes the sea,

the waters,
they do rise,
they do rise,

the flood,
it rises up,
it rises up,

we drown,
in the end,
in the end

we all drown
in sorrow,

we all drown
in sin,

we all drown
in the end,

rolling out,
goes the sea,
goes the sea

10 Apr 2019

My Patreon: Tymen

Newest Poem on Patreon

beware the man with the tombstone eyes

beware the man
with the tombstone eyes,
when he looks
through you,
he stares death
in the eye,…

Check out the rest of the poem on my Patreon, link above.

Visit my Patreon, link above, check out what I’ve written, contribute if you wish.

I am still working on In Media Rêves, my Passion Project, my Poetry collection.
Check out my GoFundMe and contribute if you would like.

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